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Mentsch aspires to cultivate free yet grounded people, always yearning to explore.

Mentsch bears similarity to mensch, German for human. And Mentsch Magazine does indeed seek to explore the human - from a wide range of different perspectives. But mentsch means something more; it is Yiddish for a person of honor and integrity, someone who is free yet grounded. We aspire to cultivate such people. Radical people.

Mentsch is an independent magazine sprung out of Skaperkraft, and is a growing family of activists, academics and artists. Even though it is a diverse family, it is driven by people who refer to themselves as radically conservative. That implies striving for particularly three virtues: to think freely, love affectionately, and breathe spiritually. We invite you into this family, whether you are a radical conservative or not; sign up for Mentsch Q (below).

If you want to contribute to the magazine or discuss ideas for future publications, do not hesitate to contact Andreas.